PLAY breath-controlled games thanks to our exclusive, patented technology embedded in the “Puck”.

CHECK physiological variations of your breath, energy and brain Powers anywhere, anytime, right on your phone.

BENEFIT from 20,000+ scientific, peer-reviewed studies published about the vital biomarkers we measure.

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    The world's First Breath-Sensitive Biosensing Game Controller!

    No need to wear it! Grab it and play even when all you have is a few minutes to let go and get a boost.

    Sturdy and lightweight, the Puck embeds biosensors that turn your breathing kinetic energy into game controls and measure physiological markers and breathing frequency during gameplay.

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    Zenytime games are designed to help you interactively carry out 0.1 Hz breathing, a powerful, scientifically proven method to monitor your energy and help enhance your overall health.

    Our games are entirely controlled with your breath.

    They are always FREE to download. New games are released on a regular schedule.

    Find the games on iTunes and Google Play. Check your phone’s compatibility in the Specifications tab.


    Play to update your age, breath, energy and brain Powers. Get an instant, easy to understand snapshot to be in better control of your health.


    • Proprietary Breath sensor - Patents issued and pending worldwide.
    • HRV/RSA high resolution thumb sensor
    • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE USB charging up to 2-week battery life -Battery life varies by use and configuration.


    • iPhone 4S and above
    • iPad 3 and above
    • iPad mini
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 and above
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and above
    • HTC One
    • Coming soon Huawei Honor - LG Nexus 4, 5


    • Height: 0.66 inch or 16.8 mm
    • Diameter: 2.61 inch or 66.4 mm
    • Weight: 3.5 oz, or 100 g

    Ready to play breath-controlled games? It’s a breeze.

    Grab the Puck, twist its lid to connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth.

    Then, launch a game in your phone, place your thumb on the Puck, bring it in front of your mouth.

    Just a few minutes of gameplay will tell you where your Powers stand, based on vital, physiological biomarkers, and may be enough for you to see tangible health benefits, right on your phone.

    With Zenytime, your data is yours. It isn’t shared in any identifiable format – you may check our Privacy Policy.


    • Zenytime Puck Bluetooth game controller
    • USB charging cable
    • Quick start guide